NUWAVE offers a wide array of wireless infrastructure services. Some of our services are (but not limited to):


Civil Construction

  • Installation of BTS and BBU cabinets in cell site lease spaces.
  • Roofing and core drilling tenant improvements.
  • Foundation and structural installation of outdoor shelters.
  • Trenching, unground conduit and fiber installation.
  • Fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) concealment installation.
  • Perform structural modifications on existing cell structures to support new equipment.
  • Installation of Joint Pole Association (JPA) microcells.


Line and Antenna Installation

  • Installation of remote radio units and other RF equipment on cell structures.
  • Installation and termination of hybrid fiber cables on cell structures.
  • Microwave installation and line of sight configuration.
  • Antenna consolidation and reconfiguration.
  • Installation and configuration of RET control units.


Testing and Troubleshooting

  • All testing is performed by equipment manufacturer certified technicians.
  • Internal and external Passsive Intermodulation Measurement (PIM) testing.
  • Sweep and CPRI testing of transmission lines and connection points.
  • Testing fiber optic transmission lines from BTS to radio units.
  • External RF interference hunting.


Field Engineering

  • Installation, commissioning and integration of new cell sites equipment with network back haul.
  • Troubleshoot and clear system alarms.
  • Troubleshoot frequency interference.
  • Perform baseline network data collection.
  • Process and analyze network data for optimization recommendations.