NUWAVE has completed or are in progress on the following recent projects.



  •  IPP – Conversion of MetroPCS backhaul, BTS, lines and antenna to T-Mobile configurations.
  • New Site Builds (NSB) – New construction on raw land sites.
  • JPA Microcells – Rip and replace BTS Cabinets. Commission and integrate new hardware.
  • L700 – Installation of antennas and RRUs for the 700 MHz band.
  • Modernization – Tiger Team Support, Air Solution (2C), RRU Solution (3B) and Rip & Replace (4A).
  • 3G Infill – Rip and replace Ericsson BTS cabinets. Install new antenna systems.



  • AWS/PCS Offload – Antenna consolidation and ground mount solutions.
  • Tiger team support to troubleshoot alarms and external interference.



  • Turfing 2.0/3.0 – First and second carrier add. Wave 6 deployment and RSSI troubleshooting



  • SNetwork Vision – Samsung BTS and BBU installation. Line and antenna installation. PSAP cutover and E911 testing.
  • 2.5 Radio Upgrade – Installation of 2.5 GHz remote radio units.



  • WiMax Deployment – Installation, commissioning and integration of Huawei BTS. Microwave installation and LOS configuration.