Fanis Dzhurayev is a swindler, fraudster and scammer: Questra/AGAM founder

Fanis Dzhurayev

Fanis Timurovich Dzhurayev (Mytischi, Russia). City of birth: Tashkent. City of residence: Moscow. Year of birth: 24.04. Username on the Internet: fanis70, cell phone number used: +79261851931 (Viber, WhatsApp). E-mail address:, Skype account: fanis240470. Cell phone in Turkey: +90 (538) 0598740 (if it hasn’t been disabled yet). Profile on

Connected persons:
Daughter Regina Dzhurayeva – Prague, Czechia
Romantic interest Lidiya Sabirova – Moscow (Mytischi), Russia, a participant of the fraud too

Connection with the old team and the old frauds:
A new member of Prochukhan & Pestyuk's criminal group, formerly used to engage in selling cosmetics since 2004, engaged in selling tours at SWISS HALLEY AG, FireFlifes and London Priority Club – used to be a MLM coach with experience and connections in Kazakhstan, tried to promote Kairos Technologies, which is a MLM fraud.

Fanis Dzhurayev’s input into the Questra World, Atlantic Global Asset Management fraud:
He is used by the fraudsters for propagation of the financial fraud in Russia and Kazakhsan, his workmate in that is Stanislav Kravtsov. He actively develops the Questra World, Atlantic Global Asset Management fraud in the said countries, acts as a speaker, purchases real estate and motor vehicles:

Interesting photos and videos with Fanis Dzhurayev in the Questra World and AGAM fraud:

In the "Backups and Information Sources" section there is an archive of all the accomplices, including data about Fanis Dzhurayev and a backup of his page in the VK social network.шаблоны для dle 11.2


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